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When I started over with this blog it was my hope to start posting a bit more. Like many things in life it started off well and then boom, nothing. I’m going to try and get to a once a week post. More if there are a few interesting things going on.

So quick recap:

L-M-L – It was a coldish day. Everything was going great till about 3 miles in we went down a very potholed hill and both my water bottles flew out of their cages. So I put a hand up and slowly made my way to the side of the road. As soon as I stopped I got slammed from behind. I was good, all it did was pop my rear wheel out of the drops. The other guy was in rough shape though. He was laying on the ground in pain. I grabbed his bike and moved it to the side. He said he had his head down and was trying to bunny hop the pot holes and didn’t see me. So after making sure he was OK I went back and got my bottles and then made an attempt to catch back on with a fast group. This did not happen and I used just about everything I had by the time I got to Milltown Cycles. From there I dragged my ass back to Lakeville, but not before missing a turn and adding an extra 4 miles.


Ragnarok – This went much better. I felt good going into the Zumbro checkpoint. From there I started to get a bit too warm and wasn’t feeling great. I stopped and took of my pants and undershirt. That helped a lot. It took me a bit to recover, but nothing too bad. When I got to Lake City I stopped and got a can of coke, powerade, and a banana. I chewed on some beef jerky on the way to Heaths Hill and was feeling pretty good. I continued to eat regularly all the way back to Red Wing and felt great. Probably my best final 1/3 of the Ragnarok ever. It’s nice to finish feeling good.

                                                                                    Heath’s Hill


I brought the Go-Pro with me and had it take a picture every 10 seconds. I am still working on turning that into a video. I can’t seem to get the timing right. It cycles through the pictures way too fast. I’ll keep working at it.

The other days have been filled with Crossfit, Cooper’s lacrosse, and Aurora’s soccer. Cooper’s team has had 4 games so far. They are 3-1 and look pretty good. Aurora was just in an instructional program for the winter that just wrapped up. She starts her league at the beginning of May.

This weekend is the Dickie Scramble. This is a fun race. I think it was a bit shorter last year but whatever, should be a good time. I’m going to carry the Go-Pro in my pocket and try and snap some good photos a long the way.

Until next time…


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